President Trump alienates two of our closest allies: Mexico and Australia.

trumprageEarlier this week, President Trump spoke with Mexico’s President Pena Nieto. Based on transcripts from parts of the conversation, Trump became angry and belligerent because Nieto continued to insist that Mexico had no intention of paying for Trump’s Wall. At one point, Trump threatened to send US troops into Mexico to take care of their “bad hombres,” which would, of course, put us at war with Mexico. As a result of that insulting treatment, Nieto cancelled a planned visit to Washington DC to meet with Trump, which is a diplomatic way of slapping someone in the face.

Today, President Trump spoke with the Prime Minister of Australia and, according to sources within the White House, went into complete meltdown mode, denigrating the Prime Minister and Australia. Apparently he made a big deal about his huge win of the Presidency. Trump became so enraged that he hung up on the Australian Prime Minister 25 minutes into a planned 60 minute conversation.

Frankly, I find this toddler-temper-tantrum behavior by our President embarrassing.

Remember during the election when many people, both Democrats and Republicans, warned that Donald Trump does not have the temperament needed to be President of the most powerful country in the world?