trumpscreamI ran across a headline on today. I haven’t read the article itself; it is the headline that interested me. The headline reads:

“Government by White Nationalism Is Upon Us.”

Followed by a sub-title:

“It’s not just rhetoric anymore. It’s a political program that could set American democracy back 150 years.”

The sub-title is probably a bit over-the-top, alarmist even, but I think the headline itself hits the nail on the head.

Why is this important? Because historically, white nationalism is a stepping stone on the path to a totalitarian form of government, usually either Fascism or Communism (it can go either way). Personally, I don’t think Donald Trump is smart enough to have a well-formed political ideology. But he has surrounded himself with people who are smart and who do have a well-formed political ideology; for example, Steve Bannon, Steve Miller, and Jeff Sessions.

We have seen this before, although this is the first time we have seen one in the United States (Andrew Jackson, maybe). They usually end badly, often leaving behind a trail of carnage. World War 2, for example. When you realize that the Trump administration is a white nationalist administration, all of Trump’s hatred and bigotry makes perfect sense.

How should you respond to this? Stay informed. Be vigilant for un-American activities by our government. Stand up and speak out. That’s why I write these posts.