warrensilencedToday, during the Senate debate about Jeff Session’s nomination to be Attorney General of the United States, Senator Elizabeth Warren was interrupted and silenced by the Chair and denied the right to speak again on the issue of his nomination.

Her crime? She “impuned” the reputation of a sitting Senator.

What did she do? She tried to read a letter written by Corretta Scott King in 1983 to oppose the appointment of Jeff Sessions to a federal judgeship. King’s letter recounted the facts of Jeff Session’s actions while he was a state Senator, demonstrating his active opposition to equal rights, especially voting rights, for blacks. It was such a compelling letter that it cost Sessions a judgeship.

When Senator Warren tried to read this letter, the Republican-controlled Senate stopped her and banned her from speaking again during the nomination debate.

If this doesn’t alarm you, then you are not paying enough attention. When the Senate of the United States of America silences opposing arguments during an open floor debate, our Republic is in danger.

This is a distinctly unAmerican activity committed by our United States Senate, and a horrible precedent. The US Senate should be ashamed.