apartheidIn a news conference held during his meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu this week, President Trump backed away from the “two-state” solution that has been the bedrock of American policy in the Middle East for several decades, and said he was open to a “one-state” solution. This is alarming because it implies support for apartheid.

The two-state solution (with variants) assumes two independent nations, Israel and Palestine, living side-by-side. Getting there is fraught with many difficulties, which is why it hasn’t happened.

The one-state solution (with variants) assumes a single state in which Palestinians live under Israeli rule as second-class citizens. This is known as apartheid, and is widely recognized as reprehensible.

It is possible that our President is simply ignorant about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and blundered his way into a dramatic shift in America’s policy toward Israel and Palestine without having given it much thought. Some of his other remarks during the press conference suggested an astonishing lack of understanding the region. In any case, that our President would declare America’s support to an apartheid regime in Israel is, in my opinion, reprehensible.