nukeblastDonald Trump says he wants to renegotiate some of our long-standing nuclear arms reduction treaties with Russia. He says they are unfair to us. I guess that’s because they target nuclear equity between the two nations. Trump says he wants us to have the biggest and best nuclear arsenal. The man demonstrates yet again that he is clueless when it comes to the topic of nuclear weapons.

First, there are several treaties covering several different categories of nuclear weapons. Our military and our intelligence services and our Congress have agreed for years that they are reasonable and fair agreements. Apparently our President knows better. How I don’t now, but he thinks he does. Nuclear ams agreements are extraordinarily complex because there are so many apples-and-oranges problems involved, which it why it has taken decades to hammer out the treaties.

Second, Trump’s rejection of nuclear parity in favor of US superiority risks another nuclear arms race and possibly a nuclear war.

Third, even if we had more and better nukes than the Russians, it would not make us any safer. That’s because the United States already has enough nukes to kill everyone of the planet several times over. This will still be true when we reach the agreed on reductions. So will Russia. In other words, MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) will still be the only thing that keeps anyone from launching a nuclear attack on anyone else. The whole nuclear arms reduction effort has been a carefully modulated series of steps designed to get both countries to keep reducing their nuclear weapons until eventually they reach a level where the entire species is no longer threatened with extinction.

Mr. President, please consult with the people who actually understand this stuff before you go around shooting your mouth off about how we need to scrap our existing treaties.