jeff-sessionsDuring Jeff Session’s confirmation hearing for the position of Attorney General of the United States, making him the top law enforcement agent in the country, he was asked if he had knowledge about possible contacts between the Trump campaign and representatives of Russia. He was part of Trump’s campaign staff at that time. Sessions said he did not know of any such contacts. Apparently he forgot that he had had two private meetings with Russian representatives, and at the peak of the Russian cyber campaign to tilt the Presidential race toward Trump.

Lying to Congress under oath. Hmm … the Republicans impeached Bill Clinton for a much smaller lie (“I didn’t have sex with that woman”), one that had no national security implications. Sessions lied to Congress about something that has clear national security implications.

I wonder what the Republican-controlled Congress will do now?

I predict they will do nothing. As pressure rises on Session to resign, he will eventually be forced to do so, thus letting Congress off the hook. But first, he (and Trump) will try to brazen it out.

The Washington Post has an article about this.

Has the swamp been drained yet?