immigrant-business-ownerCNN poll:

58% of Americans fear that Trump’s deportation plan will deport too many illegal immigrants who should NOT be deported because they have lived here peacefully for a long time and do not represent any threat to the nation.

90% of Americans believe that illegal immigrants who have lived here for a long time, have committed no crimes, and are willing to pay current and back taxes, should be allowed to stay and eventually apply for citizenship.

60% of Americans believe the government should prioritize legalizing those who are here illegally over deporting them.

Other polls have produced similar results.

The Trump administration continues to push the narrative that the “overwhelming majority of Americans” (Steve Bannon) view illegal immigrants and a serious danger and want them deported. This narrative is false. The vast majority of Americans are smart enough to understand that most illegal immigrants represent no threat to America and that, on the contrary, they represent a resource that America should welcome.

What this and other data points tell us is that most Americans want comprehensive immigration reform, not just the Trump plan that begins and ends with “get ’em outa here.”

Many of Donald Trump’s campaign positions are meeting with an unexpected amount of resistance as Americans see them translated into actions that they do not like, putting a good many of his policies out of sync with the very people who put him in office.