Yep, this is me.

Hi, and welcome to my blog.

Having unexpectedly found myself in my seventh decade of life (my 60’s), and in declining health, I made the decision to retire. This left me with a lot less money but a lot more time; time to write, time to poke at other people’s sacred cows, time to be generally ornery.

Looking back at what things have consistently driven me through several careers, I have discovered what I am most passionate about: the sacredness of persons.

I write about Christianity because I am an evangelical Christian, and so much of what passes for evangelical Christianity in America today is insipid and syncretistic, and has lost sight of what it means to be creatures made in the image of God.

I write about social and economic issues because we (in America) live in a society that has lost track of what a just and moral society looks like, have institutionalized the dehumanization of persons, and therefore should be subject to a Christian critique (this is called “speaking truth to power”).

I write about politics because the United States of America, despite being the world-wide center of wealth, power, and immorality, has been and is and can continue to be a force for great good in the world. I feel it is my responsibility as a Christian patriot to call my country into account when it choose evil over good, wrong over right.

You will find several kinds of blog entries here. You will find short stories; in particular, science fiction stories, but also an occasional literary piece. I write fiction mainly to be entertaining, but I usually have something to say about the world we live in as well. You will find essays; creative non-fiction allows me to be more direct about my social commentary. You will also find reviews of books and movies, as well as personal reflections on my own life.

I live in the Pacific Northwest (USA) where I have a mortgage, one wife (she won’t let me get another one) and one cat.

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