About Me



Yup, this is me.

Welcome to my blog.

Having unexpectedly found myself in my seventh decade of life (my 60’s) and in declining health, I made the decision to retire. This left me with a lot less money but a lot more time; time to write, time to poke at other people’s sacred cows, time to think about the things that really matter to me.

Looking back at what things have consistently driven me through several careers, I have discovered that I am most passionate about the sacredness of persons.

I write short stories and am working on a novel. My short stories are mostly science fiction but the occasional literary piece sneaks in as well. I write fiction mainly to entertain, though you might find in it some social commentary in terms of themes and subtext.

There are non-fiction essays here as well, on such subjects as Christianity, social and economic justice, and politics. You will also find the occasional book review or movie review.

I live in the Pacific Northwest (USA) where I have a mortgage, a wife, and a cat.

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