The Eye of Crasis

The Eye of Crasis is a science fiction novel I am publishing on my blog chapter by chapter, as I write it, in serialized form. Comments are welcome, and I accept constructive criticisms, but bear in mind that this is first/second draft material; it will go through further revisions before it’s done.

Also, since I write by the seat of my pants, I sometimes have to revise earlier chapters to bring them into line with later discoveries, usually brought about by rebellious characters who don’t want to do what I want them to do. You don’t have to keep up with those revisions, but if you don’t, you might trip over inconsistencies. I hope you enjoy reading the story.

Story Summary (without spoilers)

Prolog (02 April 2016)

Chapter 1: Dead Man’s Gift (15 April 2016)

Chapter 2: Dead Man’s Curse (03 May 2016, Revised 21 May 2016)

Chapter 3: Doppelganger (21 May 2016)

Chapter 4: Heist (29 May 2016)

Chapter 5: Trish (09 June 2016, Revised 20 June 2016)

Chapter 6: Atwood (20 June 2016, Revised 02 July 2016)

Chapter 7: Twenty Miles from Nowhere (02 July 2016)

Chapter 8: Choices (13 July 2016)

Chapter 9: Dr. Joe (29 July 2016, Revised 08 Aug 2016)

Chapter 10: Captive (18 July 2016)

Chapter 11: Parker (16 August 2016)

Chapter 12: Friends and Enemies (01 October 2016)


3 Responses to The Eye of Crasis

  1. ectully13 says:

    How do you pronounce Crasis? I just realized it could be pronounced ‘crisis’.



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